Surplus Property

The restoration of Fort Pierce’s neighborhoods is a key strategy to revitalizing the Fort Pierce Redevelopment Area and City of Fort Pierce as a whole. One way to accomplish this goal is to dispose of surplus property owned by the City/FPRA. 

The City of Fort Pierce and Fort Pierce Redevelopment Agency sell City and FPRA-owned real property declared as surplus. Once the property has been declared as surplus by the City Commission/FPRA Board the property shall be offered for sale to the public with an Invitation for Sealed Bids

Bids are evaluated by the City of Fort Pierce who shall be the sole judge of its own best interests, the bid itself, the qualifications of the applicant and the resulting final negotiated agreement. Typically, the City’s evaluation criteria will include, but not limited to, consideration of the following:

  • Proposed Improvements/Utilization of Property
  • Project Timeline
  • Economic Impact
  • Developer Experience or Owner/Occupant Narrative

Available Properties

See list below of properties that have been declared surplus by the Fort Pierce Redevelopment Agency.

Parcel IDAddressSize
2403-711-0001-000-3DUNDAS CT 0.17
2404-710-0017-000-8N 22nd ST0.16
2404-710-0067-000-3612 N 25th ST0.14
2404-801-0031-000-1Avenue M 0.16
2404-808-0021-000-91306 N 16th ST0.17
2404-812-0009-000-2Avenue I 0.12
2409-131-0001-000-1321 N 13th ST, Unit A/B0.17
2409-501-0173-000-2426 N 11th ST0.12
2409-501-0199-000-0424 DOUGLAS CT0.11
2409-501-0200-000-1426 DOUGLAS CT0.11
2409-501-0282-000-91241 Avenue D 0.21
2409-501-0293-000-9433 MEANS CT0.11
2409-503-0033-000-5434 N 15th ST0.16
2409-506-0038-000-9427 N 16th ST0.18
2409-511-0016-000-5318 N 17th ST0.17
2409-516-0043-000-8324 N 12th ST0.15
2409-602-0222-000-1513 N 20th ST0.15
2409-603-0072-000-7432 N 19th ST0.18
2410-601-0034-000-7415 N 9th ST0.115
2410-601-0119-000-7806 Avenue E 0.14
2410-604-0049-000-4108 N 9th ST0.17
2410-604-0134-000-7Avenue B 0.17
2410-604-0156-000-7DUNDAS CT0.14

*Note: The next round of surplus property bids are temporarily on hold while the program is revamped and a comprehensive strategy is created. You can subscribe to receive updates on the bids at the following link: Notify Me • Fort Pierce, FL • CivicEngage (

Other Properties

To view a map of all City and FPRA-owned properties, visit the Development Opportunities Map on the GIS Hub.


For questions regarding surplus properties, please contact Shyanne Harnage, Economic Development Manager.