On-Line Renewals - Business Tax Receipts and Competency Cards

We are excited to announce the launch of online renewals for Business Tax Receipts and Contractor Licensing for most existing businesses and current contractors. On your 2020 Renewal Notice, you will find your PIN and License Number that is needed to utilize this online platform.

For businesses that are required to provide current state licenses and insurance, you will update your information before making payment, but you must also email your documents to cityclerk@cityoffortpierce.com for verification. Once verified, your renewal will printed and mailed to you. Please be sure to update your mailing address.

For those that have multiple businesses and licenses, you have the option of creating a profile and attaching all of the various licenses and/or businesses to that profile.

A Renewal Guide has been prepared for your convenience which includes step-by-step instructions with screenshots. We hope you find this new system convenient and easy to use. As always, we welcome your feedback and remain available to assist with any questions you may have. Click to access the How-to Guide.

Click the Logo below to begin!

For those businesses with multiple licenses, you may create a user account.   This will allow you to keep all of your licenses accessible to you at the time of renewal, all under one login account. Click here to access the New User Guide.