How Can You Protect Your Property

It’s better to be prepared and prevent flood damage

Even a few inches of water can cause several thousands of dollars in damage to your property

Visit the National Flood Insurance website to see how much a flood could cost you.

  1. Permanent Protection Measures
  2. Temporary/Emergency Protection Measures
  3. Storm Drain Maintenance

Here’s how you can take permanent protection measures to reduce your
risk of structure flooding:

  • Elevate the AC system, water heater and/or electrical panel if location is susceptible to flooding.Elevated AC

  • Create flood openings in non-habitable areas such as garages.

    Flood openings in garage

  • Install check valves in sewer lines to prevent floodwaters from backing up into the structure.

  • Consider elevating or floodproofing your structure.elevated structure
  • Construct a floodwall or berm to create a perimeter wall to divert waterfloodwall
  • Relocate the structure outside of the special flood hazard area (SFHA)