PAD Street Pole Banners

The City of Fort Pierce continues to beautify the Peacock Arts District (PAD) with the installation of new street pole banners and decorative street signs. Last week, new banners were installed on Orange Avenue, Delaware Avenue, 7th Street and 10th Street. The new artwork demonstrates the vibrancy of the community and highlights Fort Pierce as an arts destination by celebrating the creativity of local artists and delineate the new arts district.

Earlier this year, the City of Fort Pierce launched a PAD Banner Contest. The city received over 100 entries and a total of 16 designs were selected to be displayed. The contest highlighted incredible talent in this community, ranging from elementary-age students from Creative Arts Academy of St. Lucie (CAST) to professional local artists.

Furthermore, new decorative street signs were also installed throughout the PAD. The City brightened up the corners with purple street signs featuring the PAD logo, firmly branding the district with its own unique flair.

The new banners and street signs join other PAD beautification efforts such as the painted pot project and the mural program. The City’s goal for the Peacock Arts District is to create a bright, attractive, eclectic environment that celebrates the arts and encourages private investment that builds and supports the local economy.

Banner Contest Winners: