Media Relations

The City of Fort Pierce seeks to inform its residents, businesses, and visitors by engaging in a proactive communications system. This approach recognizes that one of the most effective and quickest ways to communicate City policies and activities to citizens is by working in partnership with the news media.

City Spokespersons

Unless otherwise authorized, the City’s spokespersons are:

  • Mayor and City Commissioners 
  • City Manager
  • Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Fort Pierce Police Department PIO
  • Department Managers with expertise on a specific issue at the discretion of the City Manager

Public Record Requests

All Public Record Requests should be made to the Custodian of Records for the City of Fort Pierce:
Public Records Request | Fort Pierce, FL - Official Website (

Police Department Records Requests should be made to:

Fort Pierce Police Department
Records Supervisor
920 S US Highway 1
Fort Pierce, FL 34950
(772) 467-6800

Media Requests/Inquiries

All media inquiries to a department should be reported to the City Manager’s Office in a timely manner via e-mail. All media requests for public records must be filed with the City Clerk’s Office via a public records request per the established policies for obtaining public information. Please notify the City Manager’s Office of any public records requests made by the media.  If any guidance is needed on inquiries from the media, please contact the City Manager’s Office and notify the reporter that you will need to get back to them on the requested information. Remember this must be done in a timely manner so that the city is able to meet media deadlines, if any.

Expectations for Media

Media outlets can expect: 
  • A response/answer (the same day if possible and within a reasonable amount of time as possible). This can even include informing the outlet that “at this time we do not have an answer to your request, but we continue the pursuit.”
  • To ensure accuracy and to assist with the facilitation of details and information it is necessary for the City Manager’s Office to seek the reporter's deadline and questions sent in writing via email.
  • Be mindful of requests requiring interdepartmental research or other such complex requests that involve comprehensive attention. Expecting a short turnaround time on such a request is not reasonable and will be communicated by City Manager’s Office.
  • A request late in the afternoon that requires significant research and/or coordination will be handled the following day unless circumstances warrant otherwise.
  • For interview requests, we are implementing a 72-hour lead time. This allows for scheduling and ensuring that the interviewee is prepared.

Litigation and Personnel Issues

As a matter of general practice, the City of Fort Pierce and its departments therein do not discuss litigation and/or personnel-related information.

City-Initiated Information

Most proactive media contact is initiated through the City Manager’s Office. This includes issuing press releases and media advisories. Departments seeking publicity for events or activities must contact the City Manager’s Office as soon as possible to ensure the best media coverage of their activities. 

Media releases have no cost and are effective for generating publicity and awareness about City issues and events. Local media has been very responsive to City news releases.

Media releases are created and distributed by the City Manager’s Office, which will work with appropriate staff to ensure information is accurate. Staff or managers can provide prewritten releases to City Manager’s Office for editing and distribution. 

All media releases are posted immediately to the City’s website under "News Flash" which is sent directly to our subscribers and posted on the city's homepage. Whenever possible or appropriate, photos should be provided with the release. Stories with accompanying photos are far more likely to be run and read in print and web media.