Invite us for a Front Porch Roll Calls at your home or business

The Fort Pierce Police Department’s “Front Porch Roll Call” program is taking our community policing efforts out of the police buildings and straight to the front door or neighborhood of any citizen or business. In traditional policing, officers and supervisors meet at the police station at the beginning of their shift for updates and assignments, then head out to the streets.

But at front porch roll calls, they meet at a citizen’s house, a business or in a public area and interact with the citizens they serve while preparing for their upcoming shift. Upon a citizen’s request, roll calls will be held at their house, storefront or homeowners association, or with any community group. This allows our citizens the opportunity to meet the dedicated officers of FPPD in their own neighborhood or business.

Front porch roll call with kids

To host a “Front Porch Roll Call” at a home, business or neighborhood location, please call (772) 467-6800. Please provide contact information, location and the roll call time being requested (6 a.m., 8 a.m., 4 p.m. or 7 p.m.). A shift commander will confirm the request prior to the roll call taking place.

The Fort Pierce Police Department held 736 front porch roll calls in 2016.