Commercial Facade Grants

The primary objective of the Fort Pierce Redevelopment Agency (FPRA) Commercial Façade Grant is to promote the revitalization of commercial corridors within the FPRA district. The grant’s primary objective is to encourage private investments that will enhance the overall look of buildings and properties, while also addressing issues related to blight and non-conforming design standards.

By participating in this program, property owners and businesses are motivated to enhance the visual appeal of their establishments, leading to a positive impact on property values, higher tenant occupancy rates, and fostering economic development.

On April 12, 2022, the Commercial Façade Reimbursable Grants were granted to four properties: 809 Delaware Avenue, 825 N. Indian River Drive, 1105 Seaway Drive, and 906 Delaware Avenue. Currently, the projects at 1105 Seaway Drive and 906 Delaware Avenue have been successfully completed, and they have already submitted their reimbursement requests.

The project at 825 N. Indian River Drive, known as Captain's Galley Restaurant, is in its final stages and is nearing completion. The deadline for submitting reimbursement requests for this property is October 2023.

Dean Properties, situated at 809 Delaware Avenue, obtained an extension for their project. They are required to finish the construction by February 2024 to be eligible for reimbursement.

906 Delaware Ave 



1105 Seaway Drive



Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that we plan to launch the FPRA Commercial Façade Grant program for the fiscal year 2023-2024. Our ultimate goal is to create a thriving and vibrant community that becomes a sought-after destination for both businesses and residents.